Morri Feldman wrote:
I am running pymol .93. When I try to ray trace a scene, the gui shows a white status bar that moves halfway across the screen and then freezes.
After this the GUI is frozen and must be killed.  No error messages are
shown.  The computer is running RedHat 9 and has 4 processors.  Has
anyone else experienced this problem?  Do you have any solutions?

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Thanks, Morri

Morri Feldman

Hi Morri -

The progress bar for raytracing doesn't move linearly - the first half of the bar is covered fairly quickly, then more slowly, then very slowly, then the last fifth is usually covered in one jump. Are you sure you just aren't being impatient? Try raytracing a very simple scene, like a single amino acid in spheres mode, to see if it hangs then. Also try raytracing parts of your scene in case some funny bit of your molecule is causing this problem. Finally, try reducing the complexity of your surfaces and/or spheres: "set surface_quality, -1" (0 is the default).

Feel free to contact me directly - I'm local! (Although Warren will be more helpful...)

- Matt

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