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I seem to have some trouble rendering with povray. The render starts and finishes fine, and the image is created, but Pymol crashes with a segmentation fault as soon as the rendering is done. The image is not loaded to the viewer. I'm using povray 3.5 with Pymol 0.93 on a laptop (Intel Centrino) with SuSe 9.0. I have changed povray_exe in povray.py in modules to "povray".

Any hints?

Than to Warren probably, it would be great if Pymol would be able to write a povray object (include file) from a given selection. That would combine the strong points of pymol where it comes to showing the thing as you want it, with those of Povray, where it comes to lighting, positioning, colouring, textures and so on. Since Pymol is already capable of producing povray input it wouldn't be very hard I would guess?



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