Yesterday marked DeLano Scientific's one year anniversary as a full-time
business.  In addition to popping the cork on a bottle of champagne, we
celebrated with the release of version 0.95!

Thank you to everyone who made the previous year possible with your
participation and support.  DeLano Scientific met exactly 99.92% of its
internal fundraising goal for the year, and we are now starting to plan for
some growth.  This year, in addition to continuing our PyMOL development and
support activites, we're hoping to secure some SBIR grant funding as well
project-specific monies from pharmaceutical companies.  The future looks

What's new in PyMOL 0.95?

   - Presets (in the Action menu) provide common views very quickly.
   - Context-specific pop-up menus now direct actions to where you point.
   - Mouse wheel can now control clipping slab width and position.
   - Improved look-and-feel, including bigger controls and longer names.
   - Appearance wizard facilitates color and representation control.
   - Labels can now be ray traced & with new fonts
   - Two new surface types: dots (surface_type=1) & tri-mesh
(surface_type=2) added.
   - Better handling of alpha-channel for semi-transparent figures.
   - Cartoons and spheres can now be "picked" using the mouse.
   - Roving origin behavior has been improved.
   - New cross-platform build for OS X uses Tcl/Tk under X11 without Fink.
   - Molecular picking and editing is now more general.
   - Numerous features and tweaks have been added.
   - Various major and minor bugs have been fixed.

An official 0.95 release of the MacPyMOL Incentive Product for OS X is also
available for download.


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