OK, I think I might have figured the label thing out.
What I don't get is how to change color/font/size etc of the label, and if there is command corresponding to LABELOFFSET in Molscript.


Mads Gabrielsen

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Subject:        labels
Date:   Mon, 05 Apr 2004 11:26:29 +0100
From:   Mads Gabrielsen <m.gabriel...@dundee.ac.uk>
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I have just installed the new release of PyMol and was particularly pleased that labels can now be rendered. Then it occured to me that I actually don't know how to label a residue Tyr84 (or whatever) and have the label positioned next to the residue.
Any hints would be appreciated.

Also, am I the only one who can't access the mail-list archives?

Mads Gabrielsen

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