> 1)  I would like to show certain residues and have no problem 
> getting the ones I want selected and displayed as sticks or 
> whatever.  The problem is color.  When I change the color of 
> the selection, it changes the color of the associated section 
> of the ribbon.  I would like to leave the ribbon, say green, 
> and show the residues in yellow.  Is there a way to uncouple 
> the color assignment of the ribbon and the residue.  For 

   set ribbon_color, green

Same goes for cartoon_color, sphere_color, surface_color, dot_color, and

Note that these are for global, full-object, or full-state uniform color.
If you need finer-grained color control, then you have to create separate
objects as Garrett suggested.

> 3)  Is there a way to change the particular rendering of the 
> beta-strands at a paritcular residue.  If you use 'flat 

Yes -- new in version 0.95:

   flag no_smooth, selection, set

For example, if residue 200 is shown both in sticks and in a flat sheet, you
can force that sheet to pass through the resi 200 CA position as follows:

   show sticks, resi 200 and (pro/n | !*/n+c+o+h)
   show cartoon
   flag no_smooth, resi 200, set

The alternative, which I personally find distasteful, is to drag the CA atom
position into the plane of the sheet using the mouse in editing mode
(ctrl-shift-left-click-and-drag) in order to create an unreasonably long
CA-CA bond.  This is best done with a separate copy of the object so that
the cartoon itself doesn't move.  

> 4)  This is the hard but cool one.  Is there a way to make a 
> particular atom or object the light source for an image.  You 
> can imagine if you turned off all other lighting and put your 
> omnidirectional light on your cooridnated metal atom it could 
> look pretty cool (or just have a dim headlight seeting).
> Does anyone know how to arbitrarily set the lighting in this fashion?

PyMOL can't do this -- you'd need to export to POV-Ray...but PyMOL's current
export code is quite dated.


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