Our setup is a Dual Xeon 3.2 GHz 1GB RAM and Nvidia Quadro running PyMol
0.95.  (Also available, Dual Opteron 240 64-Bit Linux w/0.95 w/1 GB RAM
w/same problems.)

We are trying to render a nifty movie but can't.  PyMol keeps crashing
during the render process.  The scene had originally 185,000 atoms, but
now I've snipped out some cutting it down to 85,000 or so.

The command "ray 800, 600" dies.  I then collected all of my bilayer
segment objects into one larger one (so, instead of 8 objects I had one
8x as large, hoping that the reduction in the number of objects freed up
some RAM.)

The movie script for scene1 is 
I'm very new to making movies, but it does what I want.

Here's some PyMol output:

 count_atoms: 86220 atoms

VLAMalloc-ERR: realloc failed
*** EEK!  PyMOL just ran out of memory and crashed.  To get around this,
*** you may need to reduce the quality, size, or complexity of the scene
*** that you are viewing or rendering.    Sorry for the inconvenience...
/usr/bin/ line 2: 11531 Aborted                
/usr/bin/python /usr/lib64/python2.3/site-packages/pymol/ $*

Any ideas on how we can keep the movie w/o sacrificing quality or number
of atoms?  If need be, I can probably trim another 3,000-10,000 (max)
atoms out.

Much TIA,

-- Jason

Jason Vertrees
BSCB Graduate Student @ UTMB, Galveston ::

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