Assuming you're running 0.95:

Put the mouse into Editing Mode (Mouse menu or click on the mouse "matrix").

Insure that no atoms are currently picked (i.e. there are no "pk"
selections).  Click "unpick" if there are...

You can now independently rotate and translate objects with
shift-left-click-and-drag and shift-middle-click-and-drag.

To rotate fragments of an object, pick one or atoms with ctrl-middle-click
(or right-double-click).  The picked atoms become the joints which separate
fragments that are independently movable and rotatable.

If you click and drag on a picked atom, then you will be able to
independently translate or rotate the complete covalent system (molcule)
which contains that atom.

Instead of clicking "unpick" you can ctrl-middle-click (or
double-right-click) away from any atom in order to clear the current picked
atom set.


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> Subject: [PyMOL] Moving Objects
> Hey fellow PyMoler's,
>     If you have multiple objects loaded and on screen at 
> once, is it possible to rotate one without rotating the 
> others?  I've had success using rotate and translate commands 
> with selections, and it works, but it can be slow with lots 
> of objects.  In Swiss-PDB viewer, you are allowed to lock 
> layers and then continue working with the other ones with the 
> mouse.  This would also be similar to 'move-object-zone' in O 
> where the dials are locked onto a single object.  I was 
> wondering if PyMol has a functionality like this and how it 
> can be activated.  I'm interested in this both for still 
> frame images and for possible animations where one or two 
> objects move relative to other ones.
>         Thanks,
>                 Tony
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