Dear Pymol users,

Does anyone know if there is a way to export surfaces into a file format 
suitable for import into 3D modellers (ie. Blender, 3DSMax, Lightwave, etc)? 
For that matter, is it possible at all to export anything in pymol?

I realize that asking for support of a particular 3D file format is a bit of a 
slippery slope - if one export format is supported, everyone will want 
support for their favourite format. This is why I embarked on a bit of a 
solitary crusade a few months ago - I wrote a small (and dubious) python 
script that converts MSMS calculated surfaces into the RAW file format, which 
*every* 3D modeller can import. Unfortunately, I could never figure out how 
to extrapolate or calculate the normals, so quite a bit of detail is lost in 
the conversion.

How are surfaces calculated and stored in pymol? If writing an export 
filter/extension is trivial, I'd be willing to do it with a bit of hand 


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