Hello Pymol-ers,

I am trying to script pymol to make some movies. I would like to:
1) move the molecules around and save their states somehow (as a state or
scene or something to that effect). After that, I would like to be able to
2) move the camera around independently of the molecules to give a nice

You can see below that I am able to do the first part of this. However when
i use either "scene" command (in use) or the "mview" command (commented out)
I run into the same problems: My camera  position seems to be locked so i
can no longer use the positioning and interpolation  functions that Warren
and others worked so hard to put together. I have been playing with this for
a while and can't figure out a solution. I am hoping someone may have some
hints on how to proceed.

zach cp

grad student
mount sinai school of medicine.

# setup PyMOL for movies
set movie_auto_interpolate, off
set matrix_mode, 1
set movie_panel, 1
set scene_buttons, 1
set cache_frames, 1
config_mouse three_button_motions, 1

# download the complex and set it up
fetch 1yfg.pdb, trna
rotate z,60, trna

# make an array of the molecules
s = range(1,7)
for x in s:
cmd.copy("trna%s" %x, "trna")
cmd.hide("lines", "trna")
cmd.translate("[0,-60,0]", "trna")
s = range(1,7)
for x in s:
cmd.rotate("z", "%d" %(60*x), "trna%s" %x)
cmd.hide("lines" ,"trna%s" %x)
cmd.show("cartoon" ,"trna%s" %x)
python end

# overview of the scene
frame 1
mview store

for x in range(360):
  cmd.madd("1 x1"); cmd.frame(1000);
  cmd.rotate("y", 1.0, object="trna1")
  cmd.rotate("[-1.4,1,0]", 1.0, object="trna2")
  cmd.rotate("[-1.4,-1,0]", 1.0, object="trna3")
  cmd.rotate("y", 1.0, object="trna4")
  cmd.rotate("[1.4,-1,0]", 1.0, object="trna5")
  cmd.rotate("[1.4,1,0]", 1.0, object="trna6")
  #cmd.mview("store", object="trna1")
  #cmd.mview("store", object="trna2")
  #cmd.mview("store", object="trna3")
  #cmd.mview("store", object="trna4")
  #cmd.mview("store", object="trna5")
  #cmd.mview("store", object="trna6")
python end

frame 180
set_view (\
     0.769429266,   -0.001453266,    0.638730288,\
    -0.483805567,    0.651568949,    0.584285855,\
    -0.417025983,   -0.758588016,    0.500633180,\
     0.000000000,    0.000000000, -635.205078125,\
   -42.521865845,   33.457977295,   19.863151550,\
   530.689270020,  739.720764160,  -20.000000000 )
mview store

mview interpolate
mview reinterpolate

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