Hi James,

the modeling capabilities of PyMOL are rather limited, there are 
probably more powerful tools for such tasks.

Without guaranty that the result will be reasonable, try this:

# lock all but the STG tripeptide
protect not pepseq STG

# activate sculpting
sculpt_activate all
set sculpting

# switch to edit mode

Now drag atoms with the mouse or pick bonds and use commands like "torsion".

Hope that helps.


James Starlight wrote, On 01/26/12 13:45:
> Dear PyMol users!
> I'm looking for the possible way to change some backbone didedral values 
> in my peptide and dont perturbe the secondary structure of the rest of 
> the peptide.
> E.g I have alpha-helix with sequence   xxxxx-S-T-G-xxxxx    I want to 
> make turn motif in the STG tripeptide only by  changing dihedral of this 
> amino acids. When I've tried make it by means of DYNOPLOT plugin the 
> rest of the alpha helix was distorded.
> Is there any possible ways to make this conversion ?
> James

Thomas Holder
MPI for Developmental Biology
Spemannstr. 35
D-72076 Tübingen

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