1- What exactly is the Sculpping ? As I've understood its something like
real-time minimisation of the edited structure. Is what cases this might
be better than rigid rotation\edition of the selected bonds/ angles by
mouse-mode editing ? :)

It's a geometry optimizer. It has bond/angle/torsion/vdw terms as far as I can judge from the various sculpt_* settings and the "Build > Sculpting" menu.



2- I'm looking for the possible way to set the values for psi and phi

As I understood the commands like torsion or set dihedrals need in the
definition of the edited angles. Is there more trivial way to set values
for the pre-defined backbone dihedrals like

set phi value, sele, 120

see attachment. It's the function from DynoPlot, modified to work with selections.

Note that you can quickly query phi/psi angles with "phi_psi" command.


Thomas Holder
MPI for Developmental Biology
Spemannstr. 35
D-72076 Tübingen

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