We have a pipeline that uses pymol to create images using the headless
command line interface. I've discovered that PyMOL 1.7.4 and 1.7.6 (at
least) crash if you try to ray-trace an empty viewport.


pymol -q -c -d 'fetch 1a1q,async=0;as cartoon;ray'

This particular example only has CA atoms, so the cartoon mode doesn't show
anything. In interactive mode I would `set cartoon_trace_atoms,1` but when
batch processing there isn't a good way of detecting whether anything is
showing or not.

The error is:

*** glibc detected ***
/home/user/software/packages/pymol-v1.7.4.4/pymol.exe: double free or
corruption (out): 0x00007f11f8744f40 ***

I've reproduced the error on Redhat 6 and Ubuntu 14.04, with PyMOL

Attached is a stack trace.

Any suggestions on ensuring that there are some polygons in frame would
also be appreciated. Say, if there was a way to detect that cartoon would
fail so that I can switch to a lines or nonbonded representation (I wish
that was the default fallback for cartoon).


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