Hi Jenny,

Try this fixed version of the plugin:



> On Feb 8, 2018, at 11:27 AM, Jennifer Miles <j.mi...@leeds.ac.uk> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm Jenny and I am new to this list. If anyone can help I would be very 
> thankful. 
> I am trying to install the plugin KVFinder on the newest version of PyMOL 
> with a Microsoft Surface running Windows 10. I have set up the environment  
> variable is detailed in the installation guide 
> shaker.umh.es/computing/24938294-IG.pdf and set up in the plugin using the 
> plugin manager but every time I try to open it I get the error below. 
> Unable to initialize plugin 'kvfinder_pymolplugin_windows' 
> (pmg_tk.startup.kvfinder_pymolplugin_windows).
> Exception AttributeError: "BooleanVar instance has no attribute '_tk'" in 
> <bound method BooleanVar.__del__ of <Tkinter.BooleanVar instance at 
> 0x0000000005235588>> ignored
> Any help would be much appreciated :)
> Jenny
> Dr Jennifer Miles
> Postdoctoral Research Fellow
> School of Chemistry
> University of Leeds
> LS2 9JT Leeds, UK
> phone: +44 (0) 11334 36578
> email: j.mi...@leeds.ac.uk

Thomas Holder
PyMOL Principal Developer
Schrödinger, Inc.

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