We are happy to announce the release of PyMOL 2.1. Download ready-to-use 
installers from or update your 2.0 installation with "conda 
update -c schrodinger pymol".

We also have exciting news for those who prefer to compile PyMOL from source.  
We’ve pushed the PyMOL 2.0 and 2.1 user interface updates to the open-source 
repository at sourceforge (rev 4187).

New features include (Incentive and Open-Source):
- new selection keywords "polymer.protein" and "polymer.nucleic"
- MMTF export
- plugins initialized by default (can be suppressed with -k)

Incentive PyMOL only:
- "auto_copy_images" support on all platforms
- SpaceNavigator support on all platforms (requires installation of additional
  drivers, see )
- colored errors and warnings in the feedback window
- Stereo 3D auto-detection on Linux

Find the complete release notes at: 

We welcome any feedback and bug reports.

- The PyMOL Team at Schrödinger

Thomas Holder
PyMOL Principal Developer
Schrödinger, Inc.

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