On 21 September 2016 at 05:22, Philip Jenvey <pjen...@underboss.org> wrote:
> Mark Young and I have been slowly kicking py3k win32 back into shape. It’s to 
> the point now where I thought it might translate again but py3k has been 
> failing translation on all platforms for a couple weeks now (win32 fails in 
> the same way as others).
> Assuming it translates when that's fixed, the major issue pending for it is 
> #2310.

Now win32 translates.  But the list of failing tests is still
impressively long.  I have some doubts about fixing them quickly.

Just looking around randomly, I found for example that sys.maxunicode
has been changed to 1114111 even on Windows.  This is part of the
whole unicode refactoring: maxunicode is always 1114111, and you can
get unichr(1114111); then on Windows when you try to use such a
unicode string for a native FooW() function, the unicode string is
converted into a wchar_t string, using surrogates if needed.  Unsure
if it is something we can quickly hack together to make Windows happy,
or if it requires some more thinking about the whole unicode

As far as I can tell it's only one of the many failures.  Maybe we can
still translate and ship a Windows version of PyPy3.3, but it might be
more broken than useful to users...  Or maybe I'm just too negative.

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