Ah, you might be right about it being too broken/too much trouble, thanks for 

I’m just happy to keep it translating to avoid collecting more subtle issues 
over time.

Other than that finishing 3.3 on other platforms/moving 3.5 along is higher 

Philip Jenvey

> On Sep 22, 2016, at 12:23 AM, Armin Rigo <ar...@tunes.org> wrote:
> Now win32 translates.  But the list of failing tests is still
> impressively long.  I have some doubts about fixing them quickly.
> Just looking around randomly, I found for example that sys.maxunicode
> has been changed to 1114111 even on Windows.  This is part of the
> whole unicode refactoring: maxunicode is always 1114111, and you can
> get unichr(1114111); then on Windows when you try to use such a
> unicode string for a native FooW() function, the unicode string is
> converted into a wchar_t string, using surrogates if needed.  Unsure
> if it is something we can quickly hack together to make Windows happy,
> or if it requires some more thinking about the whole unicode
> refactoring.
> As far as I can tell it's only one of the many failures.  Maybe we can
> still translate and ship a Windows version of PyPy3.3, but it might be
> more broken than useful to users...  Or maybe I'm just too negative.

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