On lundi 19 janvier 2009, Christoph Burgmer wrote:

> > >QCoreApplication.postEvent()
> > >out of "run()" from a "threading.Thread" class without any problems.
> >
> > Under which plateform?
> Linux.
> I initially made a short check if their was any argument against using
> Python threads with Qt and then dediced for the Python ones as:
> - learning Python threading helps you more in overall Python programming
> - documentation is at hand in the usual documentation style.
> Giovanni's response strikes me as it would be a serious annoyance if I
> had to change my threading model only to port my application to Windows
> and Mac. I don't even get any QPainter or other thread related warnings
> in my app, something which KDE throws out on a per minute basis.

Strange you don't get any issues... As X11 is not thread-safe, you should 
get some X11 errors, leading to crashs.

I use python threads, but I have a serializer to push all Qt calls on a 
queue, and this queue is processed from the main thread, using a QTimer 
timeout signal.

But all this is true for Qt3, and things may have changed in Qt4...



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