I'd like to inform all of you about the immediate availability of a new eric 
4.4 snapshot. It fixes a few bugs and adds these new features.

- added a thread list viewer to the debug viewer
- added support for forking to the Python debuggers
- added code for handling infinite recursions to the Python debuggers
- added code to make it compatible with PyQt 4.5.0 or newer
- added Italian translations contributed by Gianluca
- added capability to open the help window with a search word
- added configuration option to disable spell checking
- added Python 3 compatibility code to the Pythe re wizard
- removed the Python cycles finder because that is not needed anymore
- changed the find in files dialog to show the current file
- added some improvements to the find/replace in files dialog
- added a navigation menu to the tabview viewmanager
- added code to check, if a project needs to be reread after an update
  from the repository (e.g. if files have been added or deleted)
- added an auto update feature to the VCS status monitor (needs to be
  activated via the configuration dialog)

It is available via 

Detlev Offenbach
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