It turns out that the ViewBox is receiving mouse events, since I get the 
context menu. The widget just isn't being redrawn until I resize the 

On Friday, November 11, 2016 at 12:45:55 PM UTC-5, Thomas Grübler wrote:
> Hello,
> I write an application that displays something like an oscilloscope with 
> real time values.
> Sometimes, it just stops updating the graph. Just when I change the window 
> size, it shows the new curve, but then just one frame.
> The major problem is, I would like to write a bug report, but I do not get 
> any error message in PyCharm. When using the debugger, all objects/pointers 
> etc are present.
> Even worse, I do not have a real way to reproduce the behavior. Sometimes 
> it is easy, sometimes it is not possible.
> For reproducing, I stop updating my curve entries for a minute, and then 
> start again.
> My software is normally updating the curve entries every 0.01s.
> Any idea, how to produce an error message if it is freezing to find the 
> problem?
> The freeze occurs using Python 3.4 (Anaconda) and with both PyQtGraph 0.9 
> and 0.10.
> Thanks very much!
> Thomas

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