so it turned out the log(x) display was somehow corrupted by my 
xRange(xMin,xMax) values.

My x values range from 0 to 1e7 (0 to 10MHz). My actual data ranges from 
1e-3 (1mHz) to 1e7 (10MHz). I previously set xRange(1e-9 to 1e7) to avoid 
log(0) @xMin and so the user can slightly scroll below the smallest x value.

In this setup I am no longer getting nicely logarithmically spaced vertical 
lines, 1e^n where n<0 are not displayed. Then modified xRange to (-100,1e7) 
and now I am getting proper vertical lines.

So xRange(-100,1e7) is a solution to get proper vertical lines, but the 
overall UI is no longer super nice because my values never reach x<0, and 
the user can actually scroll down to -100(whatever xMin value I set)

don't know what's happening with axisItems or whatever class is used in all 
of that

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