I think threading would complicate things *a lot.* What is the rate of data 
acquisition (values per second)? I am able to simulate a few hundred 
particles bouncing around on a region of the plane at 25 fps, with no 
threading. So if you don't need to do any complicated processing on your 
data, threading would probably be superfluous.

On Thursday, May 17, 2018 at 8:39:43 AM UTC+2, Kaisar Khatak wrote:
> I have a real time application that uses a camera to measure eye aspect 
> ratio. The ratio will be an integer value and will fluctuate between 1-10 
> (example).
> What is the easiest way to capture that value and display a scrolling plot 
> (best approach?) real time? Do I need threading? Just looking for simplest 
> solution to start off with...

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