Hello all,

TL;DR: It would be nice to have online documentation for stable versions
and have pytables.github.io point to the doc for the latest stable release
by default.

I just tried to use the new out= argument to table.read, only to find out
it did not work in my version (2.3.1). Then I tried to update my version to
2.4 since I thought it was implemented in that version because of the
"2.4.0+1.dev" name at the top of the page which I thought meant "dev
version leading to 2.4", or maybe to "2.4.1", but certainly not the next
major release. I got even more confused because, after the initial failure
with my 2.3.1 release, I checked the release notes... which I thought were
for 2.4 because the title of the "release notes" page is "Release notes for
PyTables 2.4 series" when it is in fact for the next major version...

Here are a couple suggestions:
* doc for stable releases (default to latest stable), bonus points to be
able to switch easily from one version to another, a-la Python stdlib.
* change 2.4.0+1.dev to 3.0-dev or 3.0-pre, and all mentions of 2.4.x
* have new arguments to functions documented in the docstring for the
functions (like in Python stdlib): "new in pytables 3.0" in the docstring
for table.read() would have made wonders.

Thanks in adance,
Gaëtan de Menten
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