Dear all,

I have a hierachical nested python dictionaries with the end of the branch
as either pandas dataframe, or np.ndarray or list or plain scalars.

let's say the different levels of keys are:

1st level: ['top1', 'top2', 'top3']
2nd level: ['mid1','mid2','mid3']
3rd level: ['bot1','bot2','bot3','bot4']

I think I am looking for some data strucuture that allow easy retrieving of
the data at different levels as dictionaries (I cannot think out something
better yet).

for example: data.ix['top1',:,'bot1'] will have keys only at the middle

I have a quick look of pytables document but not very sure, should I use
pytables for this purpose?

thanks a lot for any idea.



Chao YUE
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