Hi all, 

I'm developing data processing service and evaluating if Pytable. Since hdf5 
supports hierarchical data like a tree of folder, can I use such a tree-like 
structure as a K-V store like possibly store million of tables or arrays under 
one group and randomly access any one of them in O(1) time? e.g. 

                uid1-> table / array, (of tens of thousand rows / elements, 
ETL'ed user log info in int format)
                uid2-> table / array,
                uid3-> table / array,
                uid4-> table / array,
                uid5-> table / array,
                …… (perhaps million user)

Just wondering how the hierarchical structure is implemented and such usage 
pattern is supported? if no, is there any running or better way to store such 
type of information? We adopt Pytables because the data is stored in higher 
density, faster loaded and no ACID / concurrency overhead, so traditional DB 
and no-sql db is not our option..

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