Andrew Svetlov added the comment:

Is there ``os.confstr`` supported by MaxOS X?
Is there using of environ['PATH'] makes sense as good callback if former is not 

About COMSPEC. From my point of view it's useful if we need default path.
Or if we have Win9x, where shell is (not supported by 3.4)

I guess to hardcode ``cmd.exe`` for Windows for the same reason as we hardcode 
``sh`` for Unix systems.

I agree to moving code to ``os`` if we no need to use ``shutil.which``.
The function name is still the question: getdefaultshell, getshell, get_shell 

Adding shutil.getdefaultshell function is interesting suggestion. It function 
intended to return user shell (from SHELL env var or COMSPEC for Windows) and 
not used in subprocess if shell=True (but can be passed as executable param if 


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