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Well, the config file format is older and fileConfig() does not cover as much 
as dictConfig() does. (For example, filters). I don't propose to spend time 
enhancing fileConfig(), now that dictConfig() is available. If you are forced 
to use fileConfig(), you can subclass the handler for those projects where you 
need custom terminators. This is not much work, and you can use that subclass 
on all projects where you need custom terminators.

What I proposed was not a workaround, exactly - it's how dictConfig() is 
*meant* to be used. The reason for supporting factories for handlers is that 
users can set them up however they want.

I closed the issue because I showed that no change to the stdlib was needed to 
provide the functionality requested, and as I got no response about it from 
you, I decided to close the issue. Sometimes, people see a solution proposed 
which addresses their problem, but don't close the issue themselves.

So, I would like to close this issue, because I have proposed a way you can do 
what you need without the need to add anything to the stdlib. If you feel the 
need to reopen the issue, please do so, but give me a good reason why the 
approach I suggested doesn't work for you.

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