Vinay Sajip added the comment:

I don't understand what you mean. For example, defining

def my_handler(*args, **kwargs):
    terminator = kwargs.pop('terminator', '!\n')
    h = logging.StreamHandler(*args, **kwargs)
    h.terminator = terminator
    return h

you can use with a definition of the handler such as

    'console': {
        '()': 'ext://__main__.my_handler',
        'stream': 'ext://sys.stdout',
        'terminator': '!\n',

or similar. And you can also do something this with your own subclass, instead 
of a function as per my example.

ISTM that using subclasses is the right way to approach this problem; otherwise 
why would one *ever* use subclasses? I use them when the base class doesn't do 
exactly what I want, but offers extension points to change its behaviour via 


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