Tom Pohl added the comment:

You still get me wrong. Thanks to your explanations and to my personal 
knowledge about this topic (programming for 28 years now; PhD in 
CS/numerics/HPC) I now fully understand the technical details about the current 
implementation of FD. The problem I see is that the average Python user does 
and should not care about such details.

I talked to a bunch of people (n=7) here at the company where I also give 
Python courses from time to time. I asked them two questions:
1. Is this behavior of FD what you would expect?
2. Given the current behavior of FD, what use cases do you see?

The answers were always the same (and I tend to agree):
1. No.
2. No idea.

All of you seem to answer the first questions with yes, but what's your answer 
to the second question? What would you recommend your 10-year-old son or your 
62-year-old mother to do with the current FD operator?


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