Martin v. Löwis added the comment:

> I talked to a bunch of people (n=7) here at the company where I also  
> give Python courses from time to time. I asked them two questions:
> 1. Is this behavior of FD what you would expect?
> 2. Given the current behavior of FD, what use cases do you see?
> The answers were always the same (and I tend to agree):
> 1. No.
> 2. No idea.
> All of you seem to answer the first questions with yes, but what's  
> your answer to the second question?

It's not that I had expected that answer, and I certainly agree that it
is confusing. However, I also believe that it is the correct answer.

> What would you recommend your 10-year-old son or your 62-year-old  
> mother to do with the current FD operator?

The most obvious use case for FD is integer division. Neither my son nor
my mom should use it for floating point (nor should they use floating-point
in the first place).

It's floating point. *Of course* it misbehaves.


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