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This is easy to reply to.  You better believe I've tried printing gList1 and 
dBasis[163].  I've also scrapped a predecessor function named combo (which is 
included in the attachment) and written its successor, viz., "combine".  I bent 
over backwards to make sure that the two functions did NOTHING the same way.  
Guess what.  Both combo and combine screw up exactly the same record that they 
aren't supposed to know about in exactly the same way.  So I'm pretty sure 
Python remembers that it originally got one ITEM on gList from dBasis[161].  So 
I think I know that the problem is to determine WHY Python remembers that.  Of 
course what oneo thinks one knows is always subject to revision--especially 
what one thinks one knows about the truth.


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>> They are obviously not the same record
>Have you tried printing gList1 and dBasis[163], their repr and their ids?
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