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Got your message before I got his.  Thanks for the reference to python-list.

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>Subject: [issue16498] Unwanted link between volatile and shelve storage
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>If it "got it" from dBasis[163] via item assignment (say gList1[i1][1] = 
>dBasis[163]), then yes, Python remembers that.  Names just hold pointers to 
>objects, so after that assignment gList1[i1][1] points to the same object as 
>dBasis[163] does.  If that object is mutable, and you mutate it (as += will 
>do, if the object is mutable), both names will still reference the same 
>object, the one that has been changed.  
>As Serhiy suggested, you are more likely to get help with this on python-list.
>Python tracker <rep...@bugs.python.org>


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