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On 18.11.2012 15:30, Christian Heimes wrote:
> Christian Heimes added the comment:
> The first patch implements the arg parsing, sys.flags, PySys_SetArgv() 
> modification that doesn't include the current directory as sys.path[0] and 
> some doc updates.
> Open issue:
>  - MAL has addressed concerns that '-I' is too similar to GCC's -I (include 
> path) option
>  - Is 'isolated mode' a good term to describe the feature? IMO 'restricted 
> mode' is also a good name but it sounds too similar to PyPy's restricted 
> python.

Some other possible names:

 - unmodified mode (-U)
 - encapsulated mode (-e)
 - installation only mode (-I)
 - non-local mode (-l)

Since this mode will often be used for testing Python installation
and setup issues, perhaps emphasizing on the testing nature would
be good...

 - test installation mode (-T)

FWIW: Isolated and -I works for me as well.

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