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I opened Issue 23231 about fixing iterencode() and iterdecode() in the general 
case. I added a patch to Issue 13881 to fix StreamWriter for zlib and bz2, and 
to fix StreamWriter.writelines() in general.

I am adding a patch here to clarify the StreamReader API and fix the 
StreamReader for the zlib-codec.

Plan of other things to do:

bz2 StreamReader: Should be implemented similar to the zlib patch above, after 
Issue 15955 is resolved and we have a max_length parameter to use. Or could be 
based on Bz2File now.

hex decoder: Shouldn’t be too hard to hack a stateful IncrementalDecoder that 
saves the leftover digit if given an odd number of digits. Create a generic 
codecs._IncrementalStreamReader class that uses an IncrementalDecoder and 
buffers unread decoded data, similar to my _IncrementalStreamWriter for Issue 

base64 encoder: IncrementalEncoder could encode in base64.MAXBINSIZE chunks

base64 decoder: IncrementalDecoder could strip non-alphabet characters using 
regular expressions, decode in multiples of four characters

quopri encoder: would require new implementation or major refactoring of quopri 

quopri decoder: check for incomplete trailing escape codes (=, =<single hex 
digit>, =\r) and newlines (\r)

uu encoder: write header and trailer via uu module; encode using b2a_uu()

uu decoder: factor out header parsing from uu module; buffer and decode line by 
line based on encoded length

unicode-escape, raw-unicode-escape: Stateful decoding would probably require a 
new -Stateful() function at the C level, though it might be easy to build from 
the existing implementation. I suggest documenting that stateful decoding is 
not supported for the time being.

utf-7: As Walter said, proper stateful codec is not supported by the C API, 
despite PyUnicode_DecodeUTF7Stateful(); doing so would probably require 
significant changes. I suggest documenting a warning for stateful mode 
(including with TextIOWrapper) about suboptimal encoding and unlimited data 
buffering for the time being.

punycode, unicode_internal: According to, these also don’t work 
in stateful mode. Not sure on the details though.

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