New submission from Steve Dower:

When we completely switch Windows builds over to VC14, we're going to encounter 
some new assert dialogs from the CRT. These won't appear in release builds, but 
because the buildbots run tests against debug builds they will get in the way. 
A number of tests attempt operations on bad file descriptors, which will assert 
and terminate in MSVCRT (I have a fix for the termination coming, but the 
assertions will still appear).

Currently regrtest has a "-n" flag to disable assertions using an MSVCRT 
function. This works fine with the exception of subprocesses, that do not 
inherit the setting.

The setting is process-wide, so we can't just turn assertions off around the 
code that may assert. We also can't turn them off completely without affecting 
users (e.g. #3545 and #4804).

#4804 has the discussion leading to the current state where _PyVerify_fd and 
the -n flag above exist. The _PyVerify_fd function could break with future CRT 
changes (bearing in mind that Python 3.5 and later will automatically use the 
latest installed CRT), for which there is an official workaround coming soon, 
except it won't suppress the assertion dialog for debug builds.

I'd like to propose three options:

1. Make faulthandler.enable() also disable assertions in debug builds. 
(Assertions are for debugging, and enabling faulthandler - at least on Windows 
- seems to suggest that you want to override the debugger. We also already 
enable faulthandler for subprocesses in the test suite.)

2. Add an environment variable (PYTHONDISABLECRTASSERT?) and use it to disable 
assertions on startup. (It looks like at least some tests deliberately block 
envvars flowing through to subprocesses, so this may require test changes too.)

3. Add a new xoption and use it to disable assertions on startup.

Obviously we could do all three, though I kind of like the first one best.

Currently, I'm planning to make debug builds available alongside the release 
versions, as they are necessary for people to build debuggable versions of 
their extensions, so this is more important than it was in the past. But the 
problem is very much only on the buildbots/in the test suite and not on user's 


components: Windows
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status: open
title: Disabling CRT asserts in debug build
type: crash
versions: Python 3.5

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