STINNER Victor added the comment:

"An environment variable is an easy way to make sure that all
subprocesses also have assert dialogs disabled. In release builds they
are always disabled, hence the _DEBUG check."

If _PyVerify_fd() must go, I would prefer to always disable CRT check.
Otherwise, os.dup(<invalid fd>) would open the CRT assertion popup,
instead of raising OSError(EBADF). I prefer to have the same behaviour
with any version of the CRT and any version of the Visual Studio.

You may add an environment variable to explicitly *enable* the check,
if you want.

Programming with Python is different than programming with C. Python
always raise an OSError(EBADF) exception. It's not like the C
language, where you have to explicitly check the result of each
function call. It's difficult to ignore OSError without notifying it.

I don't know other CRT checks. Many other checks make sense for Python too?


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