Cyd Haselton added the comment:

Will do...if by "try the tests now" you mean "run 'make tests'"...but it may be 
about a week or two as a) I'm currently in the last stages of a mono port and 
b) will be working on a PIE gcc for android 5.0 after, so that I have a KBOX 
environment to work with after verizon updates my tablet.

If I can keep putting off the verizon 5.0 update

On June 4, 2015 4:52:59 PM CDT, Ryan Gonzalez <> wrote:
>Ryan Gonzalez added the comment:
>#1 and #2 are fixed. I hand-edited the patch file (!!), so here's to
>hoping it'll work...
>Working on #3. You probably should try the tests now (which is
>obviously the scary part ;).
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