Dennis Jensen added the comment:

Okay well thanks for that information but after investigating this then I have 
to ask what is the difference between:




As these 2 functions now appear to do exactly the same thing?  If this is the 
case then should there not be something added to either os.environ or to 
os.getenv() that states something to this effect.

Something along the lines of:  Since version: "whatever version that changed 
how .get() works" made the os.environ.get() work exactly the same as the 
os.getenv() -- this way since there are still references floating around that 
state that these 2 do not function the same and nothing outlined clearly within 
documentation stating that this is no longer the case.  Creates a bit of 
confusion on what should and should not be.

resolution: not a bug -> 
status: closed -> pending

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