Serhiy Storchaka added the comment:

> * Callable object: callable, o, callable_object => func

The original names better describes the argument type in functions like 
PyObject_Call(). It works not just with functions, but with arbitrary 
callables. For example it is used with type objects for creating instances.

> * Method name: name or nameid => method

The parameter is not a *method object*, but a method *name*. You have to pass 
an object and a method names to call a method.

> Serhiy: Can you please elaborate "Other changes looks not well justified 
> too."?

Renaming obj to arg0 looks questionable to me. I would rather rename func to 
method (this is a true unbound method, not method name as in 

It would be better to uniformize parameter names in the documentation (and 
perhaps in headers) and left sources untouched unless we rewrite particular 
functions. Otherwise it looks as code churn. It would be nice to formalize 
naming rules in PEP 7.

See also issue18697.

stage:  -> patch review

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