STINNER Victor added the comment:

> Note: Using a simple printf() in the C code, I noticed that it is not 
> uncommon that _PyFunction_FastCallDict() is called with an empty dictionary 
> for keyword arguments.

Simplified Python example where _PyFunction_FastCallDict() is called with an 
empty dictionary:
def f2():

def wrapper(func, *args, **kw):
    # CALL_FUNCTION_EX: func(**{}) calls PyObject_Call() with kwargs={} which
    # calls _PyFunction_FastCallDict()
    func(*args, **kw)

def f():
    # CALL_FUNCTION: calling wrapper calls fast_function() which calls
    # _PyEval_EvalCodeWithName() which creates an empty dictionary for kw


But on this specific case, the speedup is *very* small: 3 nanoseconds :-)

./python -m perf timeit -s 'kw={}' -s 'def func(): pass' --duplicate=1000 
Median +- std dev: [ref] 108 ns +- 4 ns -> [patch] 105 ns +- 5 ns: 1.02x faster 


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