D Gentry added the comment:

If that's the best thing that you can suggest, it's obvious why my request
is being redirected.

That is unfortunate that you have decided to opt out of using the MSI
installer, as that seems to be the solution as far as I can see.

I've enjoyed working with Python for years and was hoping for a new MSI
installer to be released eventually, but hearing that you have decided to
discontinue porting for any future release for MSI is definitely not what I
was expecting.

I guess I'll wait to see if your Windows guys have anything to add but save
it to say that I have already tried disabling any anti virus software,
checked my user permission as well as the folder permissions, and attempted
installing via administrator as well, all with no difference in the result.
Meanwhile, I have been able to uninstall python 2.7 and re-install it
without issue (at the time I was investigating a possible path conflict as
the issue) and even installed 3.4.4rc1, as that is the most current version
available in MSI format.

Your exe files all fail to execute properly, and ends up throwing the same
non-descript error in a log that offers very little insight into the root
of the problem, yet you tell me the problem is with my system when I have
investigated the alternatives and the only issue I have found is you don't
have a MSI version offered any more.

Are you expecting users to compile the source code into a MSI installer, if
that's what they require?

If that's what it's going to take, I'll do it myself, get what I need done
and move on from python after this project.

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