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Ok, it sounds like as good a solution as I can expect.

No, I don't have a corporate build but I think my registry developed issues
some time in the past and windows locked it down to prevent exe from

It's been a while but that is the only thing I can come up with that would
be why it won't work.

Your exe isn't the only one that gives me issues but its usually a false
positive error with other installs and everything works as expected.

I have tried every suggestion I have found online and nothing seems to
improve the issue.

If the problem is the registry issue that I suspect, then nothing short of
rebuilding the entire system from initial install would solve the problem.

I have communicated with Microsoft, who's answer was to upgrade to Windows

I have two systems with python installed, both with windows 7 x64, the
older system won't install without an MSI where as the new one would.

The closest thing I can figure is there is some permission handling that is
done differently via MSI vs executable installs and this is causing the
issue, as all the documentation online seems to agree that it is a
permissions related error.

I can't fix my system if the problem that I suspect is the culprit so my
only option is to build the MSI of your installer.

It definitely seems like that will be more successful than continuing to be
directed and redirected to perform the same tasks that have already been
completed to no avail.

>From what I have been reading online, its simple enough with Visual Studio
as long as you have access to the source code.

Thanks for enlightening me to the most of your abilities.

It seems pretty clear that I on my own on this one.

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> To be clear, Steve *is* our main Windows developer, and specifically the
> person who developed the Windows installers we now use. They work perfectly
> for many people, including myself, so there certainly isn't a general issue
> with them. I myself routinely install Python with the new installers on
> Windows 7 x64 systems, so it's definitely something specific to your system.
> Is your PC running a "corporate" build that might include security
> restrictions or other permission limitations that might be affecting the
> behaviour of the installer?
> As a workaround, Python is installable using nuget, from
> https://www.nuget.org/packages/python. I don't know much myself about
> nuget, but basically "nuget install python" will create a local copy of
> Python in the current directory that you can use without needing to be
> installed.
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