Yury Selivanov <yseliva...@gmail.com> added the comment:

> How is a separate base class better? :)

It's very explicit that way.

Also, I personally subclassed TestCase in many of my projects specifically to 
add async support.  To do that you have to use a metaclass to scan class' 
namespace for 'async def' functions.

Currently, unittest.TestCase doesn't have a metaclass.  If you add one to it, 
it might break all packages that were subclassing TestCase with a metaclass.

> If you accidentally add `async` to the front of a test method in a 
> TestCase-derived test class, you get mostly-silent success with an 
> easily-ignored warning about a coroutine not being awaited.

Well, what if you use trio or curio?  You add an 'async' keyword and get a 
cryptic error that some framework internals just broke.

So I'm strong -1 on the coroutine_runner attribute idea.


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