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> unless users are not prepared to deal with it
ARE prepared

> What do you think about handling this failure by calling GetFullPathName 
> instead (e.g. "C:\Temp\NUL" => "\\.\NUL")?

I think it would indeed be nice if pathlib handled such paths in its resolve(), 
especially since os.path.abspath() does handle them, and it looks weird that 
even resolve(strict=False) fails. That could be an enhancement, but note that 
it'll expose users to '\\.\'-prefixed paths which can't be returned from 
resolve() now. It is not necessary a problem because users should be prepared 
to handle UNC-like paths anyway.

> Currently pathlib's resolve method doesn't handle PermissionError like I 
> think it should in non-strict mode. It only handles FileNotFoundError

That behavior doesn't look good, and it's inconsistent with POSIX resolve() 
which doesn't propagate any OSError in non-strict mode. I think this warrants 
an issue report.


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