Guido van Rossum <> added the comment:

Well, is cmd2 stabilizing, or is it still changing at a rate too fast for 
inclusion in the stdlib? Does it perhaps have a mix of desirable and wacky 
features? Or could we just copy much of it into the stdlib as 'cmd'?

I'm a bit concerned about the idea that we should not upgrade stdlib modules 
because a better 3rd party alternative exists -- and I'm kind of assuming that 
those 3rd party module authors are also somewhat disappointed that their 
modules are not used to improve the stdlib. (PyPI not withstanding.)

Often (like in this case) there's just no chance of getting rid of the stdlib 
module, so we're just stuck with a duplication of functionality.

Note that every case is a bit different. But I'm not ready to give up on the 
idea that Python comes with batteries included. We should not let those 
batteries corrode and leak.


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