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Hi, everybody!  I really appreciate the kind words about cmd2.

For several years now, Todd Leonhardt has been cmd2's primary maintainer, so I 
may be speaking out of turn.  But, before I wanted to let it get within 
screaming distance of the standard library, I would want to refactor it like 
mad; maybe even remove some features that were created more in a spirit of 
gee-whiz-I-can-do-this than real need.  Todd and I have worked a little on such 
a refactor, but even once we make time to actually complete it, that would make 
cmd2 by definition too unstable until the refactored version itself had earned 
some grey hair.

Also, cmd2 depends on pyparsing, which is itself unlikely to be in the standard 

I think a "see also" list attached to standard library module docs would be 
great, and if this helps nucleate a decision about whether/how to do that for a 
bunch of modules, that would be great.

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