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In interactive mode, python.exe interacts with a console/(dumb terminal) 
through the std streams using \n as a special character  It gets input from 
stdin, send output to stdout or errors to stderr.  The terminal, not python, 
handles line editing and history retrieval.  Once a statement is entered and 
executed, python has no memory of it.

On Linux, one can use readline and ncurses modules for somewhat enhances 

IPython is GUI-based.  Python already come with a GUI-based IDE, IDLE, which 
has many of the features you list - autoindent, statement history, save, line 
numbers in the editor, syntax coloring, and some source inspection.  Code with 
blank lines within statement can be pasted into an editor window and run either 
with or without clearing the shell workspace.

There are other alternatives with similar features, but this is not the place 
to discuss them.  The point is that there is no need to completely rewrite 
current text-based interactive mode.

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