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Terry, I think you were extremely over-eager, almost aggressively so, to close 
this feature request, especially since your reasons given are rather bogus: 
IPython isn't based on a GUI, it works in a text mode console too, including on 

You say "there is no need to completely rewrite current text-based interactive 
mode". You are probably right: there probably is *no need* to completely 
rewrite the current implementation to add at least some, if not all, of the 
requested features.

For example, I would be shocked if it wasn't absolutely trivial for the current 
implementation to add auto-indenting following a colon. That feature alone 
would be a win for usability.

Given that Brett already said that the main obstacle to this feature request 
was lack of somebody interested and able to do the work (as opposed to a policy 
that we want the default REPL to be weak and unfriendly), I think you were 
premature in closing this so quickly. It's not like it has been languishing for 

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