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I disagree somewhat with the assessment that glob provides "thin" access to OS 
services. It is composed of a few low-level utilities, but it exposes them 
through what I consider to be a fairly high-level, abstract, friendly interface 
that (aside from ordering, and some symlink stuff) is surprisingly 

I originally felt that this was "their own fault", since the behavior is 
well-documented and the data pipeline was so susceptible to error. But I 
started thinking more about the fact that the bad globbing made it into 
peer-reviewed cancer research over a hundred times. Python is a friendly 
language and glob is a friendly library, so it would be natural for someone 
without formal engineering experience to reach for both. I'm becoming more and 
more surprised that glob exposes this type of quirk, for trivial gain.

I respect your opinion though. Another option would be to leave the patch in, 
but not document the new traversal order. That way we rid ourselves of a class 
of user errors without exposing implementation details like the type of search 


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