With similar levels of compulsion and blackmail as applied to selecting our 
esteemed Release Managers, it has fallen to me to organise our core developer 
sprints this year.

Of course I’ll be choosing a location with maximum convenience for myself, 
which means we are going to be in Redmond, Washington this year at the main 
Microsoft campus.

So far, I have locked in dates and a building. Assuming no disasters, we will 
have Microsoft Building 20 for our (almost) exclusive use from September 10th 
until the 14th. This is a set aside building for guests, which should mean no 
NDAs are required, and we’ll have a large space to use with a small kitchen and 
a few conference rooms.

That’s all the detail I have right now, but since it's being held a week later 
than the last two years I wanted to let people know the dates. Attendance will 
be by invitation with essentially the same criteria as in past years, but 
invites will come later (likely during or after PyCon US, but if you need 
confirmation of whether you’ll be invited earlier for travel/visa reasons, 
email me off list).

Feel free to email me if you have any questions or requests. But if you start 
creating too much work for me, I’ll consider that your application to join the 
organising committee :)


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