This is wonderful news. Thanks for biting this bullet! :-)

- Ł

> On 7 Mar, 2018, at 9:25 PM, Steve Dower <> wrote:
> With similar levels of compulsion and blackmail as applied to selecting our 
> esteemed Release Managers, it has fallen to me to organise our core developer 
> sprints this year.
> Of course I’ll be choosing a location with maximum convenience for myself, 
> which means we are going to be in Redmond, Washington this year at the main 
> Microsoft campus.
> So far, I have locked in dates and a building. Assuming no disasters, we will 
> have Microsoft Building 20 
> <,-122.131305&name=3709+157th+Ave+NE%2C+Redmond%2C+WA+98052&locsearch=1>
>  for our (almost) exclusive use from September 10th until the 14th. This is a 
> set aside building for guests, which should mean no NDAs are required, and 
> we’ll have a large space to use with a small kitchen and a few conference 
> rooms.
> That’s all the detail I have right now, but since it's being held a week 
> later than the last two years I wanted to let people know the dates. 
> Attendance will be by invitation with essentially the same criteria as in 
> past years, but invites will come later (likely during or after PyCon US, but 
> if you need confirmation of whether you’ll be invited earlier for travel/visa 
> reasons, email me off list).
> Feel free to email me if you have any questions or requests. But if you start 
> creating too much work for me, I’ll consider that your application to join 
> the organising committee :)
> Cheers,
> Steve
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